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The Museum of Intangible Things

The Museum of Intangible Things - Wendy Wunder

I really like this book. So far, it is about two girls who are best friends. One of them, named Zoe, has severe bipolar disorder. Her moods go back and forth and sometimes she has "visions" of aliens. She was doing okay for awhile, but one day she goes out of control and says she is seeing the aliens again. Her best friend, Hannah, tries to take care of her and keep her from going too crazy. They come up with a sock system to help control her moods. When Zoe starts to see the aliens again, Hannah knows she has to do something. After one week, Zoe still isn't getting any better so her mom decides to commit her to the psych ward. When Zoe finds the committing papers that her mom already had signed, Se convinces Hannah to go on a road trip with her. The entire trip Zoe just keeps talking about going away, and she is teaching Hannah how to do crazy things. They are stealing, showing their boobs, sleeping in IKEA, setting free a Kermit the Frog balloon in the Macy's day parade, smoking a peace pipe, and getting into all sorts of trouble. Hannah doesn't understand what set Zoe off this time, but right now she is along for the ride. Zoe ran away and now Hannah has to find her with the help of Danny, her crush for years. I can't wait to read the ending. I hope that Hannah stops Zoe from doing whatever she has planned and that they both get back home okay. I also hope that their family lives change, especially Hannah's because her dad is an alcoholic and he stole all of the money she had saved up for college. I hope he is changed by the time she gets back!


Stealing Harper

Stealing Harper - Molly McAdams

I loved this book! It was the same story as Taking Chances but it was told from Chase's point of view. It showed me everything that Chase was feeling throughout the entire situation with Harper. I loved getting to hear his thoughts, and not have to assume that he really loved her. I am in love with Molly McAdams and the stories that she writes! The way she writes immediately captures your attention and makes you scream for more. Even though I already knew the story so well, I loved being able to hear Chase's point of view and what was going on when Harper was not around. When you get to the end of this book and Chase has just gotten in the wreck, he knew he was going to die. He just kept telling God to not take him and that he didn't want to leave Harper and their baby. Just before Chase died, he saw and image of Harper in a wedding dress with him standing next to her, and just before everything went black, he saw Brandon standing behind him. Chase knew that Brandon would be there fro Harper when he was gone, and Chase said the most heart-wrenching thing he could have said. "Take care of my family brother." After everything they went through, Chase still knew that Brandon would take care of Harper and their baby. Chase knew he was dying and just wanted to know that Harper would be okay. Before he blacked out completely, he heard Harper screaming his name. This corresponds with Taking Chances because when Harper is running to Chase, she is screaming his name. The way McAdams wrote this book, brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to read her next work!


Taking Chances

Taking Chances - Molly McAdams

This book is the most amazing book I have ever read! It starts out with Harper moving to San Diego to go to college and get away from her controlling military father. When she gets there she meets two guys who completely capture her heart. Throughout the book she goes with the safe choice, Brandon, the guy she knows won't break her heart. Then one day she can't hold her feelings back for Chase, the bad boy, anymore and she sleeps with him and gets pregnant! She then proceeds to tell Brandon and get into a relationship with Chase. At this point Chase has changed and became a completely different guy because he wanted to be good for Harper. Then one day a little bit before all of his friends would leave to go home after graduation, he goes to a party at Harper's request. What Harper didn't know was that Trish would be there, a supposedly gay tattoo artist that was always flirting with Chase. Trish drugs Chase and takes incriminating pictures of them together to get Harper and Chase to break up. Harper goes over to the house where the party was in the morning and sees them together. Chase was knocked out cold but Harper still didn't believe him. After she broke up with him and told him that they might be able to try things later when she trusts him again, he sets off to talk to Trish and figure out what happened. On his way to meet Trish he was so upset that he ran a red light and got hit by a semi-truck. Harper got there just in time to see Chase's lifeless body being pulled out of the truck. After Chase's death, Harper didn't do anything anymore. She ate food and took her vitamins for the baby but other than that she stayed in bed. One day Brandon comes into the room and tells her she needs to get out of bed and get on with her life. Brandon proceeds to be there for her throughout the rest of the pregnancy and he stays by her side even though she broke his heart. Brandon and Harper end up getting back together, getting married and having a life together. Brandon raises Harper and Chase's child like he was his own. They also end up having a daughter together too. This book is completely heart-wrenching and it makes your heart sing at the same time. I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone! It is completely fantastic!

Learning not to drown.

Learning not to drown. - Anna Shinoda

This book is about a girl named Clare Tovin who has a really messed up family. Her brother, Luke Tovin, gets caught stealing and goes to jail. Clare later finds out that he didn't just steal, that he sexually assaulted girls. Clare loves her brother and tries to see the best in him, even when others can't. Her mom always takes Luke's side, even though Clare is in the right. Her mom is obsessed with proving Luke's innocence and making sure that Luke is not in trouble. Luke got Clare involved in an illegal receipt scam without her knowledge, and she got questioned by the cops. From that moment on, everyone thought she was the one who was stealing and even some of her friends believed it. Clare shut herself down and started ignoring her friends. Then on Thanksgiving LUke comes home and he is high as a kite, and Clare's mom would not let her call the cops, even though Clare could get into trouble for it. Peter tries to get past Luke and Luke pushes Peter and a glass bowl shatters and cuts up Clare's feet. Luke gets mad and stabs a fork into Peter's arm, and their mom still takes Luke's side. Her mother was mad at Clare for being where the glass was and cutting her feet up. Luke gets caught by the police because a neighbor saw him and called the cops. Luke is also charged with another sexual assault and stealing a car. Clare's mom stole almost 10 thousand dollars out of Clare's bank account to pay for Luke's bail, and Clare took the money back from her mom. When Clare's mom found out, she called Clare a selfish brat. Then Clare reconnected with her friend Drea and Drea helped Clare hide the money. IN the end of the story, Luke is in jail for 27 years, and Clare has decided she doesn't want to talk to him and she is in trouble for that. Clare is going to UCLA even though her mom forbid her to go anywhere rather than the town state college. Clare leaves her parents and heads to college with Drea just 45 min away. Clare has accepted that her family will always have a skeleton with it, and has decided to not hide it in the closet anymore. 

The Boy Book

The Boy Book (Ruby Oliver) - Emily Lockhart

This is the second book in the Ruby Oliver series. Ruby and Nora become friends again but right as that happens, Jackson, Ruby's ex-boyfriend, starts talking to her again even though he is still dating Kim. Kim moved to Tokyo and Ruby started a job at the zoo.  The reason Ruby got the job was she started talking about gay penguins. Ruby sees Jackson with another girl at the zoo. She finds out he is cheating on Kim, andRuby decides to tell Kim. She tells Kim after Kim apologized for being rude to her. Kim freaked out and called Ruby a liar. They are not friends again. There is a guy named Noel that Ruby thinks she might like, and he tells Ruby that he has asthma. Ruby is the first person that Noel told. 

The Boyfriend List

The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver - E. Lockhart

This book is the first one in a series called the Ruby Oliver series. It is about a girl named Ruby Oliver who starts to have panic attacks because her life goes downhill. In a matter of two weeks, she loses her boyfriend and all of her friends. Her very best friend, Kim, steals her boyfriend, but Kim said she "followed the rules" so she expected Ruby to get over it. Then Ruby kisses her ex-boyfriend, now Kim's boyfriend, at aparty and the meanest girl in school sees it. Everyone then finds out about it and Ruby loses her two remaining friends. Because of this Ruby starts having panic attacks and has to go see a counselor. HEr counselor makes her make a list of all of he boys she has ever even thought about just to sort things out, and Ruby threw the list away at school. Kim grabbed the list out o the garbage and put it all around the school. Everyone thought the boys on the list were guys she had done stuff with so she became know as the school slut.

Fly on the Wall

Fly on the Wall - Emily Lockhart

I just finished this book and it was pretty good. The book was about a girl named Gretchen who goes to Manhattan High School for the Arts. You have to apply to the school to get in, and everyone has a different section of the arts they are good at. Gretchen is really good at drawing, but her teacher does not like her style. Gretchen draws in a comic book style. Gretchen wishes she was a fly on the boys locker room wall, and she gets what she asked for. She is turned into a fly and forced to stay in the boys locker room because it is too hard for her to get out. While in there she learns so much from them all. She comes to realize that they are not aliens like she thought, but real boys with real feelings. She finds out that her best friend cannot tell her things because she is judge-mental, and the boy she likes likes her back. She understands that heroes do not exist in real life, and sometimes there is nothing she can do about a situation. She learns that under the facade most boys put up, there is a human with feelings. I liked this book but it wasn't one of my favorites and I don't really know why.


Champion: A Legend Novel - Marie Lu

I am on pg.244 of this book. I have absolutely loved the rest of the series and this book. So far the Colonies are trying to take over the Republic and are succeeding. June and Day are back together even though every time he looks at her, he thinks of the role she played in his family's death. He has a brain tumor on his hippocampus and he is going to die. The severe headaches he was getting are getting worse and he is losing his memory. June is in love with him and she finally admitted it to Day. The Colonies Chancellor contacted Day because he wants Day to help him win the war, and the Chancellor threatened June to get at Day. Eden, Day's little brother, is getting better despite his sight loss. His eyes are a purple color. Eden decided to help the Republic find a cure for the plague they unintentionally released on the Colonies. Anden, the Republic's Elector, went to Antarctica with June to try and convince them to help the Republic in the war against the Colonies. The Colonies are allied with Africa and Africa and Antarctica hate eachother. 

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

I am only 40 pages into the book but so far so good! In the beginning, it is just background about who Tiger Lilly is, what tribe she is from, where she lives, the tribes superstitions, etc. The narrator of the book is Tinker Bell. She is a faerie who does not have a language, and is obsessed with Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is the  adoptive daughter of the shaman Tik Tok, who found her under a Tiger Lily flower, thus naming her Tiger Lily. Tik Tok is a man who acts and dresses like a woman and the village accepts him as so. Tiger Lily is a girl who is strong, adventurous, and independent and the village frowns upon that. In this story Peter Pan is a scary creature who  is never seen and eats humans. Tiger Lily decides to help an Englander who got trapped on the island of Neverland where she lives even though she may catch "the aging disease." The people in her tribe stop aging at a significant moment in their lives. Some people stop aging at 50, others at 10. The point at which you stop aging depends on when you have a significant moment in your life that causes you to, but no one dies of old age. Tiger Lily's best friend is Pine Sap. He is a weak male who is more interested in books and learning and stuff rather than hunting like the other men of the tribe. Pine Sap is in love with Tiger Lily but she only sees him as a friend. The swim naked together in the pond which I think is weird since they are just friends. When the village learns that Tiger Lily helped the Englander, they decide to make her get married as her punishment. The man she must marry is named Giant, and he is a gross and smelly man who stopped aging at 50 years old when his brother died. Tiger Lily is 15 years old right now. When Pine Sap heard that Tiger Lily had to marry Giant, he grabbed her hand, even though he might catch the aging disease from her. I do not think that Tiger Lily has the aging disease and I don't think that Pine Sap will get it from her. The Englander gave Tiger Lily his wife's pearl necklace and earrings when she was helping him. He also gave her a book, which she gave to Tik Tok because she does not know how to read. On her way home from her second visit to him, she saw Peter Pan talking to a mermaid. He had a baby with him. This is all I have learned so far and even though the book is a little weird, I am eager to read more!



Prodigy - Marie Lu

Right now in the book, Day and June have just saved the Elector, Anden, from getting assassinated by the Patriots. They did this because June told Day not to go through with the plan because Anden wants to change the Republic for the better. He wants to free Days brother Eden and stop the Trials. He wants to make the country a better place and try to end the war with the Colonies. Anden is in love with June and so is Day but Tess is in love with Day too so it is kind of a love square going on right now. I really hope that Day and June stay together but I think that June is going to marry the Elector and that Tess is going to marry Day. I love this series so much and I can't wait to finish this book and read the third one!!


Legend - Marie Lu

This book is about a girl whose brother is killed in combat. The government, called the Republic, told her that a fugitive named Day killed her brother. Day is a boy who failed his Trial test, which is a test that all kids in the Republic have to take when they turn ten, and was sent to his death. When kids fail the Trial test, their parents and families are told that they have failed and are being sent to a labor camp, but they are actually sent to die. Day had escaped from death and is now vandalizing and stealing things from the Republic. He is not working with the enemies of the Republic, he is doing it all on his own and he does not kill. That is part of himself that he doesn't want to become. I think later in the book we will find out that Day didn't really kill June's brother Metias, and the government did to keep him quiet about something. I am only 100 pages into the book and am loving it so far!


Allegiant - Veronica Roth

I am really pleased with this book. I read the first two books of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth and absolutely loved them. The revelations of this book are so shocking. I am almost done and I just want to keep reading. I highly recommend this book and the entire Divergent series to anyone who like Utopian societies gone wrong books. This book also contains romance that keeps you intrigued throughout the entire thing. I am very excited to read the ending. Veronica does a great job of making you feel like you are right there with the characters as you are reading. The action scenes are captivating! This book makes you feel betrayal, love, violence, suspense, and many intense emotions that make the book better. I love the way she wrote the third book because it is from both of the main characters points of view instead of just Tris's. A must read book and series!!