Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

I am only 40 pages into the book but so far so good! In the beginning, it is just background about who Tiger Lilly is, what tribe she is from, where she lives, the tribes superstitions, etc. The narrator of the book is Tinker Bell. She is a faerie who does not have a language, and is obsessed with Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is the  adoptive daughter of the shaman Tik Tok, who found her under a Tiger Lily flower, thus naming her Tiger Lily. Tik Tok is a man who acts and dresses like a woman and the village accepts him as so. Tiger Lily is a girl who is strong, adventurous, and independent and the village frowns upon that. In this story Peter Pan is a scary creature who  is never seen and eats humans. Tiger Lily decides to help an Englander who got trapped on the island of Neverland where she lives even though she may catch "the aging disease." The people in her tribe stop aging at a significant moment in their lives. Some people stop aging at 50, others at 10. The point at which you stop aging depends on when you have a significant moment in your life that causes you to, but no one dies of old age. Tiger Lily's best friend is Pine Sap. He is a weak male who is more interested in books and learning and stuff rather than hunting like the other men of the tribe. Pine Sap is in love with Tiger Lily but she only sees him as a friend. The swim naked together in the pond which I think is weird since they are just friends. When the village learns that Tiger Lily helped the Englander, they decide to make her get married as her punishment. The man she must marry is named Giant, and he is a gross and smelly man who stopped aging at 50 years old when his brother died. Tiger Lily is 15 years old right now. When Pine Sap heard that Tiger Lily had to marry Giant, he grabbed her hand, even though he might catch the aging disease from her. I do not think that Tiger Lily has the aging disease and I don't think that Pine Sap will get it from her. The Englander gave Tiger Lily his wife's pearl necklace and earrings when she was helping him. He also gave her a book, which she gave to Tik Tok because she does not know how to read. On her way home from her second visit to him, she saw Peter Pan talking to a mermaid. He had a baby with him. This is all I have learned so far and even though the book is a little weird, I am eager to read more!