Champion: A Legend Novel - Marie Lu

I am on pg.244 of this book. I have absolutely loved the rest of the series and this book. So far the Colonies are trying to take over the Republic and are succeeding. June and Day are back together even though every time he looks at her, he thinks of the role she played in his family's death. He has a brain tumor on his hippocampus and he is going to die. The severe headaches he was getting are getting worse and he is losing his memory. June is in love with him and she finally admitted it to Day. The Colonies Chancellor contacted Day because he wants Day to help him win the war, and the Chancellor threatened June to get at Day. Eden, Day's little brother, is getting better despite his sight loss. His eyes are a purple color. Eden decided to help the Republic find a cure for the plague they unintentionally released on the Colonies. Anden, the Republic's Elector, went to Antarctica with June to try and convince them to help the Republic in the war against the Colonies. The Colonies are allied with Africa and Africa and Antarctica hate eachother.