Fly on the Wall

Fly on the Wall - Emily Lockhart

I just finished this book and it was pretty good. The book was about a girl named Gretchen who goes to Manhattan High School for the Arts. You have to apply to the school to get in, and everyone has a different section of the arts they are good at. Gretchen is really good at drawing, but her teacher does not like her style. Gretchen draws in a comic book style. Gretchen wishes she was a fly on the boys locker room wall, and she gets what she asked for. She is turned into a fly and forced to stay in the boys locker room because it is too hard for her to get out. While in there she learns so much from them all. She comes to realize that they are not aliens like she thought, but real boys with real feelings. She finds out that her best friend cannot tell her things because she is judge-mental, and the boy she likes likes her back. She understands that heroes do not exist in real life, and sometimes there is nothing she can do about a situation. She learns that under the facade most boys put up, there is a human with feelings. I liked this book but it wasn't one of my favorites and I don't really know why.