Taking Chances

Taking Chances - Molly McAdams

This book is the most amazing book I have ever read! It starts out with Harper moving to San Diego to go to college and get away from her controlling military father. When she gets there she meets two guys who completely capture her heart. Throughout the book she goes with the safe choice, Brandon, the guy she knows won't break her heart. Then one day she can't hold her feelings back for Chase, the bad boy, anymore and she sleeps with him and gets pregnant! She then proceeds to tell Brandon and get into a relationship with Chase. At this point Chase has changed and became a completely different guy because he wanted to be good for Harper. Then one day a little bit before all of his friends would leave to go home after graduation, he goes to a party at Harper's request. What Harper didn't know was that Trish would be there, a supposedly gay tattoo artist that was always flirting with Chase. Trish drugs Chase and takes incriminating pictures of them together to get Harper and Chase to break up. Harper goes over to the house where the party was in the morning and sees them together. Chase was knocked out cold but Harper still didn't believe him. After she broke up with him and told him that they might be able to try things later when she trusts him again, he sets off to talk to Trish and figure out what happened. On his way to meet Trish he was so upset that he ran a red light and got hit by a semi-truck. Harper got there just in time to see Chase's lifeless body being pulled out of the truck. After Chase's death, Harper didn't do anything anymore. She ate food and took her vitamins for the baby but other than that she stayed in bed. One day Brandon comes into the room and tells her she needs to get out of bed and get on with her life. Brandon proceeds to be there for her throughout the rest of the pregnancy and he stays by her side even though she broke his heart. Brandon and Harper end up getting back together, getting married and having a life together. Brandon raises Harper and Chase's child like he was his own. They also end up having a daughter together too. This book is completely heart-wrenching and it makes your heart sing at the same time. I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone! It is completely fantastic!