Stealing Harper

Stealing Harper - Molly McAdams

I loved this book! It was the same story as Taking Chances but it was told from Chase's point of view. It showed me everything that Chase was feeling throughout the entire situation with Harper. I loved getting to hear his thoughts, and not have to assume that he really loved her. I am in love with Molly McAdams and the stories that she writes! The way she writes immediately captures your attention and makes you scream for more. Even though I already knew the story so well, I loved being able to hear Chase's point of view and what was going on when Harper was not around. When you get to the end of this book and Chase has just gotten in the wreck, he knew he was going to die. He just kept telling God to not take him and that he didn't want to leave Harper and their baby. Just before Chase died, he saw and image of Harper in a wedding dress with him standing next to her, and just before everything went black, he saw Brandon standing behind him. Chase knew that Brandon would be there fro Harper when he was gone, and Chase said the most heart-wrenching thing he could have said. "Take care of my family brother." After everything they went through, Chase still knew that Brandon would take care of Harper and their baby. Chase knew he was dying and just wanted to know that Harper would be okay. Before he blacked out completely, he heard Harper screaming his name. This corresponds with Taking Chances because when Harper is running to Chase, she is screaming his name. The way McAdams wrote this book, brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to read her next work!