Legend - Marie Lu

This book is about a girl whose brother is killed in combat. The government, called the Republic, told her that a fugitive named Day killed her brother. Day is a boy who failed his Trial test, which is a test that all kids in the Republic have to take when they turn ten, and was sent to his death. When kids fail the Trial test, their parents and families are told that they have failed and are being sent to a labor camp, but they are actually sent to die. Day had escaped from death and is now vandalizing and stealing things from the Republic. He is not working with the enemies of the Republic, he is doing it all on his own and he does not kill. That is part of himself that he doesn't want to become. I think later in the book we will find out that Day didn't really kill June's brother Metias, and the government did to keep him quiet about something. I am only 100 pages into the book and am loving it so far!